Friday 30 September 2022

Giant Damselfly - Come See - Grand Opening - Sat 15th Oct

Friday, end of the week, and the end of this project. I have created a 'Giant Damselfly'. It is time for me to celebrate and give thanks for its completion! Starting a project, I never truely know how successful it will be, or how closely it will fit the vague vision I get in my head. However with the help of a previous smaller damsel design, photos, scale drawings and models I can achieve a very close likeness to the real thing. It is twice the size of the 'Large Damselfly' I make. It threw in some extra unforseen challenges for me when I made it. Notably the weight increase, which demands larger welds. Also, my ability to manoeuver large heavy parts. I have learned a lot from this, I may even tweak my other design with what I have learnt. 

Come and see it on Saturday 15th October 10-4 or the following week, during 'The Arts Trail'