Dragonfly Large

Upcycled Metal Art Dragonfly

This idea started out as a commission in the Summer of 2019. I already had a years experience making/designing samll dragonflies, so when the opportunity to make a bigger one came I was delighted. It is also suitable for outdoor display, because they are made from stainless steel. It is versitile too, as can be displayed on a wall or by a pond made to stand/rest (for example on a stainless steel rod beside a pond). Like all my work I specialise in using recycled stainless steel. In this case I have used spoons in the tail, a ladel for the body, cutlery handle for the nose, and an assortment of rods I salvage from draining boards, oven racks ect. The wings are made from some special stainless steel that I have baught especially for it's striking iridescent colour and weatherproof. It mimics the same colour found in nature on insects bodies and peacocks feathers.

recycled sieve winged dragonfly - Ed Hill
This was the first one I made as a commission for someone. I think the setting and wall it is on looks great! I used sieves on this one for the wings.

Dimensions: aprox. 50cm2
Price: £700 (If mounted on a stand for pond display £750)
Type: Wall Mounted
Indoors or outdoors