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About Ed Hill Metal Art

Unwanted stainless-steel kitchenware donated to a local charity provides me with the materials and inspiration for making high quality, weatherproof, outdoor art.

The miscellaneous pots, pans and utensils provide a rich palette of shape, texture and form from which I strive to capture the beauty of nature. Realism is very important to me with detailed observations, photographs and working drawings forming the backbone of my designs.

From subjects as diverse as squirrels to peacocks, dragonflies to frogs, I hope you will discover the life I try to capture in these sculptures and be able to enjoy them as part of the trail, local sculpture gardens, galleries, internet and places of hospitality in the South West.  

Why do I weld? One reason was that my Dad had a background in fixing cars with welding equipment. I remember as a 17 year old wanting to do something no one else in my school was doing. I like using second-hand objects because there is an abundance, it provides me with an interesting starting point and the variation gives originality to the work. 

In January my work featured on BBC Spotlight and BBC Radio Devon created by Janine Jansen. I've featured also in The Western Morning News in May 2018 and in my local Ermington Parish Magazine by Adam Hart-Davis in August 2018.

If you would like to commission or buy an existing piece of metal artwork contact me using the email or other details above. All my work can be made to order and I have put prices, measurements and information along side each one.

Sorting the cutlery at the workshop