Unit 7
Ermington Workshops
PL21 9NT

I love living in the South Hams, Devon. I can't imagine life anywhere else. I would miss the rolling countryside, and coast. Most days I go for a walk to enjoy the air, hear the birds and look across the Erme Valley. I then feel fired up, thoughts flowing and motivated once again.

My ideas start with observation, I really like to capture the beauty I see in the subject. But I also have to consider the materials, as they have a big part to play in the overall effect. Once a fortnight I go and collect them. Selecting what I need for the work in hand.

Why do I weld? People ask me. One reason was that my Dad had a background in fixing cars with welding equipment. I remember as a 17 year old wanting to use a sculpting method I wasn't allowed to do in school. Something a bit different. Something that would stand out and make me different. I started using second-hand objects because there is an abundance, it's perfect for creating individual/bespoke artwork. It's not possible for two pieces to be alike.

In January 2019 I had enormous excitement when featured on BBC Spotlight and BBC Radio Devon created by Janine Jansen. The whole process was a bit surreal, first of all it was meeting Janine, someone who I'd only ever seen on TV. Then it was the big moment. The bit when I'd appear on telly. I remember feeling nervous the night it was to be shown. I could hardly watch the screen. My website went from several hundred views to beyond 6000 in the space of a couple of days. Receiving emails, and phone calls, immediately after the viewing. It has to be the highlight of my business so far, by far! I have featured also in The Western Morning News in May 2018 and in my local Ermington Parish Magazine by Adam Hart-Davis in August 2018. I greatly enjoyed meeting Adam, because I remember his programmes 'What the Romans did for us' fondly as a child. To see someone else I'd seen on TV again was a bit unreal.

Here is some of my process.

Selecting the materials
Sorting the cutlery at the workshop

I do alot of this. Cutting things
Alot of this too, grinding
This is when the magic happens. I love this bit!

Quite a lot of cleaning up happens at this point. Of me and the artwork!
Finished piece