Monday, 30 March 2020

Bird on a Bulrush

I have now submitted my photos for Delamore Arts upcoming 'online' sculpture exhibition. Here is one of the works for sale. In my eyes the contrast between the silver bird and the brown rusted steel works particularly well. For price, dimensions, more photos see the 'portfolio' tab in the right hand column.

A link to Delamore Arts website:

Ed Hill Metal Art - Bird on a Bulrush
Ed Hill Metal Art - Bird on a Bulrush

Thursday, 26 March 2020


Each year Delamore Arts have a annual sculpture exhibition, this year it will be held exclusively online to be viewed and sold. I am currently producing artworks for sale there.

This is the 4th cockerel I have made from recycled materials. I am really happy with how it has turned out. The proportions and visual effect of the layered cutlery handles, forks, knives and spoons. One aspect I love about this design is almost every part of the cutlery is being used, with very little left overs. I can collect alot of metal in a fortnight, and it feels great to transform it into a cockerel. It was based on a cockerel from the village, at a time when I knew very little about chickens (Latin name: gallus gallus) . However as they have become a subject/design of mine I have become alot more knowledgeable about the different breeds, shapes and sizes they come in. I enjoy hearing them calling across my village, and snatching glimpses of them when on my daily walks for inspiration.

(P/s I haven't counted how may spoons went into this, just alot)

Event coming soon --> Ed Hill Music goes 'Facebook Live' 27th March, 19:00-19:40
ed hill metal art cockerel
Ed Hill Metal Art - cockerel
Ed Hill Metal Art - cockerel

Ed Hill Metal Art - cockerel

Monday, 16 March 2020

Bespoke upcycled metal art bird

Part of my process is welding. I love this picture and wanted to share it, because it captures the magic of the welding process. I have to be certain of my designs, sense of scale/proportions. As once the weld is made it takes a lot of work to undo, or even redo. Having said this though, I still like the process, as it makes the artwork that extra special/unique. I am in wonder of the inginuity of this technology.

tig welding - ed hill metal art
Ed Hill Metal Art - Tig welding

bespoke upcycled metal art bird - ed hill
Bespoke upcycled metal art bird

Monday, 9 March 2020

South Hams Arts Forum AGM at The White Hart, Modbury. 6.30pm Tuesday 10th March 2020

Tomorrow night (Tuesday 10th March) at 6.30pm The South Hams Arts Forum, to which I am member are meeting at The White Hart, Modbury for the AGM. This is a chance to meet local artists who are also members, and an opportunity to think about the South Hams Arts Trail in October 2020 too. 

Wren metal art - Ed Hill
Bespoke reclaimed metal art wren

This is a reclaimed metal art wren. Highly individual, as I have used an assortment of intriguing items to create a piece that looks very unique.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

What happens to all those spoons?

I turn them into bespoke, high-end artwork. For example, trees, birds, squirrels, dragonflies and much more. All collected from local charity shops. Yesterday I attended 'Bovey Tracey Craft Festival's - Preparing to Sell' course. (see link to webite of course below) Aimed at people like myself, small business' interested in meeting others doing the same, and giving us a chance to share stories. It was a chance for me to gain useful advice and encouragement.

Spoons collected from charity shops

Cutlery Bird on a Reed

I market myself as high-end bespoke, because to make one of these birds requires a great deal of skill, expertise and equipment. The materials make it very unusual, and different, making no two alike. I take a lot of care, and attention when making the beak especially, as this captivates my eye the most. It is the great tit that I have in my minds-eye as I create these, and I enjoy watching them when I can.

It is my hope that people who buy my work will have a piece of artwork that will stand the test of time, create intrigue/curiosity with all who see them.

Contemporary Sculpture
I am currently getting ready for so many things -> South Hams Arts Forum, Devon Artist Network, applying to fairs & craft shows, Delamore Arts, Art Galleries, Gallery 5, South Sands Hotel. To name but a few.

Course details on Bovey Tracey Craft Festival

Monday, 24 February 2020

Bespoke Swift

I enjoyed watching the swifts last Summer, as they came zooming down the Erme Valley here in Devon, making their whirring calls. As soon as I saw thier distinctive sickle forms I reached for the binoculars to take a closer look to admire their incredible acrobatics. I look forward to seeing them again this Summer. I've tried to capture a sense of thier speed and iconic shape. I thought they would be perfect as wall art. I've used stainless that I have bought from charity shops and recycled. For the wings I have used stainless steel serving trays. The wood is laburnum which has been provided by Jeremy Rowitt of Yealmpton Chairs, Yealmpton. Can be mounted using a simple hook I have welded to the back.

Swift - Ed Hill
'Life on the Wing'

This is a piece of high-end bespoke art perfect as a highly unique/different Wedding gift, anniversary, or any other celebration. I also think it could potentially make for a good company/business art if they used a swift as their emblem. I look forward to displaying/showcasing soon in the South Hams, at places like South Sands Hotel, Gallery 5 Salcombe and Delamore Arts.

Swift - Ed Hill

Friday, 21 February 2020

The finished tree

Ready for Malbrough Primary School's 'Spiritual Garden'

Bespoke metal art tree, made by recycling teaspoons into leaves, stainless steel serving trays for branches and roots. To find out more about the idea behind the piece please read the previous posts. It is my hope that this will be an eye-catching piece, because it is made from unusual/different materials.
Bespoke metal art tree - Ed Hill

Seed pods Ed Hill
Close up of the seed pods, buffing & cleaning them after welding