Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Fish and boats

This week I am making fish! I have 2 fish that need completing. One has iridescent green fins and the other rusted steel fins. If you look carefully at the photos you will get a glimpse of how they are constructed and what I use to make them. Later this week I will be making some boats. Today I have paid my subs to Crux Craft Fair where I will exhibit at this years Christmas Fair in Rattery. Nr. Totnes.


Friday, 2 July 2021


Delamore is over and I feel very grateful to have sold 4 damselflies! Thank you to everyone who appreciated the damselflies, and to whom one of these will belong! I also have an order from Cotswold Sculpture Park too, so one more to add, hence I am making 4 in total.

I am looking forward to making more damselflies and dragonflies afterwards too, as there iridescent wings seem to be very popular. I would love to get some out to more places to be seen.

One of my challenges when making this bespoke work is getting enough supplies. These damselflies use ladels amongst other second-hand materials. I therefore have to keep up regular visits to my local charity shops and industrial units to keep up my stocks. designing artwork with second hand materials is really interesting. The preformed shapes add there own character/inspiration to the piece making it very unique.

These heads are formed with forks as you can see. They look discoloured at the moment, as I have had to get the metal very hot in order to bend them.

One of the bodies, formed and inspired from stainless steel towel rail pipe and ladel spoon.

These iridescent wings add a very unique finish to the piece. It is such a fantastic splash of colour to my designs.


Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Contemporary Passions - Harbour House - SHAF Exhibition

 Yesterday, I went to deliver these posters and flyers around the South Hams. At the end of June and beginning of July there will be a group art exhibition at Harbour House. It is called Contemporary Passions, and is a collection of all our most recent work.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Stone Lane Gardens - Pond Art Dragonflies

 These dragonflies are smaller versions of the 'Mothecombe' dragonfly. They are on display at Stone Lane Gardens. Again, I have recycled metal, with a few new additions too, for example the special irridescent wings. It is designed to sit in a pond. I have used a stainless steel cross base, and smoothed the edges, so it is not sharp. This can be weighted down using stones at the bottom of your pond. The dragonfly is on a stem which rotates and slots into the base for easy removal.

Below is an example of a wall mounted dragonfly too. There is a diamond shape on the back, which allows it to be slotted onto a screw head.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Mothecombe Fleet Estate 'Open Gardens'

This sculpture is being exhibited in a beautiful 'open' garden near Mothecombe beach. A very popular destination for visitors in South Devon. This sculpture is very big, it is hard to appreciate the size of this from the picture. It has a wingspan of 150cm and is made mostly of recycled metal.

If you'd like to visit the open garden, (it is very beautiful) visit the website for more information, using the link below. This garden is part of the NGS National Garden Scheme


Friday, 21 May 2021

Modbury Spring Fair - 22nd and 23rd May

On Sunday 23rd of May, I will be exhibiting my artwork at Modbury Spring Fair 1pm - 4pm

The pictures below are from the Christmas Fair last year!


Thursday, 6 May 2021

Delamore is about to commence!

Last weekend I installed my sculptures for Delamore Arts 2021. If you go I hope you can find the 5 sculptures I have made all dotted around. There is the 'Sphere', 'Cockerel', 'Damselfly', 'Wren' and 'Fish'. It was very exciting to be back and walk around the garden as I sited my sculpures. It gave me the chance to take a sneek peak at the other artists work, which is all installed and waiting for the official opening. The gardens open on the 17th May. The tearooms will be open on a 'take-away' basis.