Fish Wall Art

Recycled metal wall art made by Ed Hill based in the South West in Devon, Ermington
If you would like to commission a piece of upcycled metal artwork contact me using the details under the 'Contact' tab.

Ed Hill Metal Art - fish - Kitchen utensils and cutlery
Made from forks, spoons, ladel spoons and ball-bearing. Aprox. 20cm x 15cm £70

This is a fish made from recycled metal kitchenware from St. Luke's Charity Shop. It can be made for indoors or outdoors. It could be mounted on a wall or on a surface. I can also make it to look like it is swimming round some seaweed.

On reflection I really like the way the light catches on the polished surface of the stainless steel. I was paying a lot of attention to the motion and movement of the fish. Like a cartoon, I wanted to capture it. When I draw I have often try and draw things that are moving. I have tried to capture this fish just as he is turning and about to dart back in the opposite direction.

I featured this fish in the 'Transition Town Totnes Sculpture Trail' They had a theme called Clear Waters. That is why it is featured amongst river cleaned plastic from the river clean. I have included a full write up below, which accompanied the piece as a whole called 'down the drain'.