Wednesday 4 March 2020

What happens to all those spoons?

I turn them into bespoke, high-end artwork. For example, trees, birds, squirrels, dragonflies and much more. All collected from local charity shops. Yesterday I attended 'Bovey Tracey Craft Festival's - Preparing to Sell' course. (see link to webite of course below) Aimed at people like myself, small business' interested in meeting others doing the same, and giving us a chance to share stories. It was a chance for me to gain useful advice and encouragement.

Spoons collected from charity shops

Cutlery Bird on a Reed

I market myself as high-end bespoke, because to make one of these birds requires a great deal of skill, expertise and equipment. The materials make it very unusual, and different, making no two alike. I take a lot of care, and attention when making the beak especially, as this captivates my eye the most. It is the great tit that I have in my minds-eye as I create these, and I enjoy watching them when I can.

It is my hope that people who buy my work will have a piece of artwork that will stand the test of time, create intrigue/curiosity with all who see them.

Contemporary Sculpture
I am currently getting ready for so many things -> South Hams Arts Forum, Devon Artist Network, applying to fairs & craft shows, Delamore Arts, Art Galleries, Gallery 5, South Sands Hotel. To name but a few.

Course details on Bovey Tracey Craft Festival