Monday 24 February 2020

Bespoke Swift

I enjoyed watching the swifts last Summer, as they came zooming down the Erme Valley here in Devon, making their whirring calls. As soon as I saw thier distinctive sickle forms I reached for the binoculars to take a closer look to admire their incredible acrobatics. I look forward to seeing them again this Summer. I've tried to capture a sense of thier speed and iconic shape. I thought they would be perfect as wall art. I've used stainless that I have bought from charity shops and recycled. For the wings I have used stainless steel serving trays. The wood is laburnum which has been provided by Jeremy Rowitt of Yealmpton Chairs, Yealmpton. Can be mounted using a simple hook I have welded to the back.

Swift - Ed Hill
'Life on the Wing'

This is a piece of high-end bespoke art perfect as a highly unique/different Wedding gift, anniversary, or any other celebration. I also think it could potentially make for a good company/business art if they used a swift as their emblem. I look forward to displaying/showcasing soon in the South Hams, at places like South Sands Hotel, Gallery 5 Salcombe and Delamore Arts.

Swift - Ed Hill