Tuesday 30 July 2019


Upcycled Dragonfly

A couple few weeks ago I was asked to create a dragonfly with a 50cm wingspan. So, here it is. This is the third one I have made with iridescent wings. I have created the colour using the naturally occuring colours in the metal. I like to use stainless steel so the artwork can be appreciated outside as well as inside. This is a wall hung piece, with a screw sized hole located on its underside. The overall dimensions are roughly 50cm2. This could also be made as a standalone on a stem, which could be placed in, or beside a pond.

Recycled Dragonfly - Ed Hill

Stainless Steel Sieve Winged Dragonfly

Dimensions: aprox. 50cm2
Price:(Please refer to the right hand column under 'Portfolio')
Type: Wall Mounted
Can be made for inside and outside.