Thursday 4 May 2023

Sculpture 2023 - New Website


Welcome to my 2023 collection

If you’re looking for a unique and special gift then take a closer look at Ed Hill’s Metal Art. You will discover several designs that are the product of much work and creative thought. They have been inspired and handmade in the heart of the beautiful South Hams. The ideas are developed by studying photos, cardboard modelling, clay sculpting and metal prototyping. They have striking realism that will make a statement in any home or garden. On closer inspection you will see they are made from recycled cutlery and metal. Look for the special or hidden details of this in each piece. The repurposed metal shines with a spirit of renewal and honours that which it reflects. The sculptures catch and play with the light throughout the day and bring much needed life to a dark or otherwise uninteresting part of the garden.

£175 - £200 with base

29cm x 20cm x 90cm

Wren or Kingfisher on 'C' on Oak Oval £240 

27cm x 11cm x 45cm

 Wren or Kingfisher on a semi-oval oak £225
17cm x 9cm x 35cm

Wren or Kingfisher On a Crook £200

165cm tall (wren 13cm2)

£240 with base

27cm x 11cm x 45cm


50cm wingspan x 37cm x 100cm tall

Swallow £350 - £400 with base

60cm x 27cm x 27cm