Thursday 15 October 2020

Featured today on St. Luke's Hospice Plymouth


Just sharing a post from St. Luke's Facebook page today. Very happy to be featured, as I use a lot of there cutlery/metalware donations in my artwork. Like this cockerel for instance. Made mainly from cutlery and serving trays. This is still one of my favourite sculptures, based on a cockerel in the village where I live. A Welsummer/Buff Sussex.

Click on the photo below to be taken to their Facebook page.

Here he is standing big and tall for the camera, I spent a couple afternoons following him surreptitiously around with a camera, and tape measure! I don't have chickens myself, and it was fascinating watching him and the hens. The hens were really gentle and inquisitive animals, they came right up to me and pecked me if I had anything with metal on. Like my camera case sticking out of my back pocket, which gave me a jump!