Wednesday 9 September 2020

Stone Lane Gardens - Ed Hill Metal Art - Outdoor sculptures

These are 2 of my recycled metal art sculptures photographed at 'Stone Lane Gardens'. Both sculptures I have tried to capture the beauty of the damselfly and cockerel. I have paid close attention to proportion, symmetry and balance.

I wanted to create a striking sculpture for a pond, (a piece of pond art, this is something I have not seen much of) It is based in a smooth stone, so can be placed on a pond-liner, so the stem appears to come out of the water. It plays to the strengths of metal as a sculptural medium. In that, one can make large delicate looking artwork. Unachievable in other mediums. It uses new stainless steel for the wings, but most else is recycled. My most memorable damselfly memory is swimming in Ermington river during the heat of the day, and observing the electric blue damselfly going about their business above the water.

Ed Hill Metal Art - Damselfly

'Something worth crowing about!' I am pleased the way the cockerel brings a burst of light to the dark foliage of the trees. Both of these sculptures are the result of many hours study, using photos, sketches and working with recycled materials to best capture their forms. 

Ed Hill Metal Art - Cockerel