Thursday 26 March 2020


Each year Delamore Arts have a annual sculpture exhibition, this year it will be held exclusively online to be viewed and sold. I am currently producing artworks for sale there.

This is the 4th cockerel I have made from recycled materials. I am really happy with how it has turned out. The proportions and visual effect of the layered cutlery handles, forks, knives and spoons. One aspect I love about this design is almost every part of the cutlery is being used, with very little left overs. I can collect alot of metal in a fortnight, and it feels great to transform it into a cockerel. It was based on a cockerel from the village, at a time when I knew very little about chickens (Latin name: gallus gallus) . However as they have become a subject/design of mine I have become alot more knowledgeable about the different breeds, shapes and sizes they come in. I enjoy hearing them calling across my village, and snatching glimpses of them when on my daily walks for inspiration.

(P/s I haven't counted how may spoons went into this, just alot)

Event coming soon --> Ed Hill Music goes 'Facebook Live' 27th March, 19:00-19:40
ed hill metal art cockerel
Ed Hill Metal Art - cockerel
Ed Hill Metal Art - cockerel

Ed Hill Metal Art - cockerel