Monday 27 January 2020

Community Art - Malborough Primary School - Work in Progress

Malborough Primary School, 'Visionary Art Piece'

In the Summer of 2019 I was asked to undertake a special commission for Malborough C of E Primary School, near Salcombe, and Hope Cove, South Hams. Devon. The children were given the statement 'Roots to grow, wings to fly, all within the love of God' I was given drawings from the children to see what ideas this statement had inspired. By talking with the Headteacher, looking at the drawings and reading the statement I began to form an idea, based on a Sycamore seed, (or any tree/plant with winged seeds)

Work will be revealed soon!

A seed that flew into my garden
I watched one of these seeds being blown in the breeze last Summer, it was brilliant to see, for a minute I thought it was a butterfly, as it got caught in an eddy of wind it hovered around in mid air, before landing.

Photo I took of a tree between Ermington & Modbury (Summer 2019)
I particularly liked the shape of this tree spotted on one of my walks between Ermington & Modbury. Shortly before this a group of Roe Deer caught my eye, as they leapt across the field.