Tuesday 10 December 2019

Ermington, Modbury and Ugborough Saturday markets

Last Saturday I had my busiest market day so far. I started the day at Ugborough Sustainable Saturdays by setting up my stall at 9.15 to showcase my portfolio of work. I have retained copies of most things I have made, so I have something to show people. After this, I went to Lambside Farm between Battisborough and Noss Mayo to  relax and enjoy (not stall) a Christmas fair based in farm/workshop buildings. They had some really nice coffee, pie and mince pies. I enjoyed the company of the other artists and sitting by the log burner. Later, I returned home to set up my stall for my local Christmas Fair in Ermington Church 5-7.30.
This was the previous week at Modbury Christmas Fair 2019

Ermington Christmas Fair 2019