Monday 9 September 2019

'Wesley' the Ermington Rooster

At the end of June this year I went to photograph and video my local rooster called 'Wesley' owned by my neighbour in the village of Ermington. I had the idea that I would like to create a sculpture and in the crowing position. I spent a good couple of hours watching and photographing Wesley and the hens, as I tried to get measurements and photos of him in different aspects. After a while, to my delight he started to crow, striking this pose you see before you. He was calling back to a neighbouring cockerel. It was enjoyable to make this as I get a lot of cutlery and it feels great to put it all to good use. In particular I like the feathers closest his tail as they show off lots of different patterns that I see on cutlery handles. This piece took me at least 2 weeks to make.

I have made this as my show piece for RHS Rosemoor's 'Winter Sculpture Exhibition' in the gardens. There it will be for sale from November 14th - January 31st

Wesley was a cross between a 'Welsummer' and a 'Buff Sussex'
Ed Hill Metal Art - Cockerel/Rooster
'Wesley' the Ermington rooster, made from cutlery
Dimensions: Aprox. 65cm tall
Price: (Please refer to the right hand column under 'Portfolio')
Type: Garden art/Outdoor art/Indoor art
Materials: Re-purposed spoons, teaspoons, serving trays and knives
Suitable for indoors or outdoors