Friday 12 July 2019


This dragonfly started out as a request, when I asked a lady at a village market what she likes. That was a just over a year ago, and the design has come on a bit in that time. I now make them to be hung outside too. To make these dragonflies I use a variety of materials that I have salvaged from St. Luke's Charity Shop. Some examples: cutlery handles, teaspoons, ball-bearings from CD racks, metal draining boards. I don't have a pond where I live, so don't see dragonflies in my garden. Fortunately however, @joaomsbento on Instagram/Portugal let me use his photos. He has an extensive collection of insect photos.

Dimensions: aprox. 18cm width
Price: £50-£100
Type: Wall Mounted
Can be made for inside and outside.