Friday 26 October 2018

RHS Rosemoor


In recent months I have been getting ready for RHS Rosemoor Sculpture Exhibition November 2018 - February 2019.

I have been working on a range of sculptures I will sell in the RHS gardens, Torrington, North Devon. This is a large sculpture event, the gardens at Rosemoor attract around 40,000 visitors over the Winter Months. This sculpture exhibition also coincides with their garden ilumination event.

At the gardens you will see this Lyrebird, my biggest sculpture to date. Like all my work it is made from cutlery and kitchen utensils from St. Luke's Charity Shop.

I specifically had the garden in mind when I created it, and I was drawn by the fernlike patterns in the tail. This was inspired by the work of Georgie Seccull. Like most of my work it is designed for the outdoors. To ensure outdoor quality I have been using stainless steel cutlery and stainless filler rod when welding.

A recurring comment in my mind when people have viewed my work has been that they like the shape. This work captures shape in the long extravagant tail.

(come back soon, as I will be updating more on this website)

Lyrebird RHS Rosemoor Garden Art Metal Art
Lyrebird, to be exhibited at RHS Rosemoor Gardens