Thursday 30 August 2018

Ed Hill - August Update - Essence of Peacock

Here are my recent works. Recently I have been creating works for 'South Sands Hotel', 'Stone Lane Gardens', and preparing for 'RHS Rosemoor Sculpture Park'. (This winter 2018 Nov-Feb)

My sculptures are designed with the garden in mind. The peacock below is made from stainless steel cutlery and kitchen utensils. I also use stainless steel filler rod when I am welding. So no laquer is required.

The idea for the peacock arose from a box of souvenir teaspoons I was presented with at St. Luke's charity shop. 'Can you do anything with these?', I was asked. It was a couple of weeks later when I returned with an idea. I thought they would be a great way to add colour and curiosity to a colourful bird like the peacock.

I now regard these peacock sculptures as my greatest art pieces yet. I like the heraldic/regal/elegant look they conjure. 

Ed Hill - Squirrel
This is a sneak peak at a sculpture I have not yet finished but have been working on recently. The 'Silver Squirrel'