Thursday 25 January 2018

Rusty Red Squirrel - Ed Hill @ Delamore Arts (Everyday in May)

Rusty Red Squirrel

In May this year I will be at Delamore Arts sculpture exhibition. This is an annual event held at the Delamore Estate in Cornwood, near Ivybridge. The ground comprise of a large pond, gardens, meadow, tea rooms & courtyard area and an art gallery. 

The link below will take you to their website:

I have decided to create a red squirrel. I thought the rusty colour of metal would be very suitable.

With my brief in mind I went to the Delamore Estate to get some ideas of where the 'Rusty Red Squirrel' might go.

One of the candidates is this lovely tree.

I was short of rusty materials. Thankfully a lady I met at Saltram Christmas Fayre said I could help my self to lots of scrap metal they had found lying around their newly acquired farm they are renovating.

Barbed wire, old saw, cabling, chicken wire, bars and other miscellaneous items.

Here I am sorting through my findings

The finished piece.
Made from, screws, barbed wire, spanners, saw, keys, piping, wire, wrench and other miscellaneous metal.