Wednesday 27 September 2017

Ermington Sustainable Saturdays

I went to 'Ermington Sustainable Saturdays' last Saturday. You can find out more at the website:

I went with a video, drawings and sculptures to sell. I recieved lots of interest and encouragement about my work. Many people were very helpful and gave me lots of suggestions about future tradeshows I can go to.

Next weekend Saturday the 30th September I will be going to Ugborough Sustainables.

I am currently applying to 'Dame Hannah Rogers Christmas Fayre' near Newton Abbot


'Cosy Corner Crafts' 15th October in South Brent.

I enjoyed going to Ermington Sustainables, as well as having a stall I baught some lovely freshly squeezed apple juice for 75p and lots of tasty apples off somebodies tree. I am sure like me you would find high quality/organic foods and produce at the Sustainables.