Bull's Head

The sculpture you see is a bull's head. I was commissioned to make this for a local catering business with the expressed interest that the utensils could be visably identifiable to fit the 'kitchen/food theme'.

I began by making direct observations. I asked a local farmer who kindly gave me permission to  photograph and use one of her bullocks as the inspiration of my work. I then carefully matched the shapes I could see in the bullocks face with ones I could see in my materials. I pay close attention to the texture, colour and contrast of light till I achieve a best fit.

On reflection I always enjoy seeing the bullocks, cows and bulls in the field. The ones I see are the Devonshire Red breed. I am in awe of their size, and beauty of there form. They are such strong powerful animals and yet so gentle.

Dimensions: aprox. 56cm x 33cm
Price: £800
Type: Wall Mounted