Tuesday 12 February 2019

Black Bear Sculpture by Ed Hill made from re-purposed materials

Recycled metal wall art made by Ed Hill based in the South West in Devon, Ermington
If you would like to commission a piece of upcycled metal artwork contact me using the details under the 'Contact' tab.

Ed Hill - Black Bear
Wall Art 'Black Bear', made from repurposed spoons, forks, knives, ladel spoons, ball bearings, kebab sticks, ladel stainer spoons and spatulas. Dimensions aprox:35cm2 Price: (Please refer to the right hand column under 'Portfolio')

This is a black bear I made on commission. It is made from recycled cutlery and kitchen utensils I have selected from St. Luke’s Charity shop. I will be making another to be exhibited at Delamore Arts 2019 Sculpture Exhibition to be held ‘Every day in May’.

To create, I carefully match the shapes I see in nature with the ones I see in the materials. I closely study the textures, colours, and light till I achieve a best fit.

I have not made a bears head before. Previously, I have made a bull’s head, so I took what I had learned and reconfigured the design from periphery/prey eyes to binocular/predatory eyes forward of the bear.

To begin the process I started with observation work. I searched lots of photos on Instagram for one where the bear was looking straight at the camera, with a good contrast of light to draw out the features of the face. I also looked for some side shots to inform my understanding of their profile.

Deciding on the right shot became surprisingly difficult as I realised how much variation there is between their faces. After much searching, I found the one that matched my ideas. I thank ‘Bob O’Boyle Photography’ for taking this photo, when to his surprise, saw a black bear in the backyard.

I would also like to thank all the other photographers on Instagram who also kindly gave me permission to use their photos and for encouraging my work: @boboboylephotography @sumiwestphotography @theartistamanda @geoffgprice