Small Iridescent Dragonfly

Price £175 

or £200 with base

Please choose from the colours below. Can be displayed vertically, or horizontally over a pond. 

75cm stainless rod 304. Wings are 316 marine grade stainless steel, electrically tinted and used in architectual designs specifically for outdoor applications. These can be displayed in a flower boarder, in or beside a pond or in doors.

The stainless steel base has been desiged to sit on a pond liner at the bottom of a pond. Stones or planters can then be placed on top to add further support. The corners have been rounded but I still recommend further cushioning to avoid damage to the liner.

Can be cleaned with warm soapy water to soften and wipe away debris. The coloured steel will develop a pattener over time. To maintain it like new it is recommended to keep it indoors.

Base £25 designed to sit on a pond liner. Made from stainless steel

Indoor wall display

Price: £175

Dimensions: 29 x 20cm