Dragonfly Large

Price: £750
Dimensions: 50 x 72xm
Indoor/Outdoor - Pond Art

This is designed with the pond in mind, I have created a cross base designed to sit on a pond-liner and weighed down with stones or plants. The wide base gives it a good surface area. The rod rotates freely giving the sculpture the freedom to move in the breeze. Like all my work I specialise in using recycled stainless steel. The wings are made from some special stainless steel that I have baught especially for it's striking iridescent colour. No paint has been used as it is the stainless steel itself. It comes with a certificate from the manufacturer, who approves it for salty air conditions. It is used in architecture. It mimics the same colour found in nature on insects bodies and peacocks feathers. It changes colour depending on what angle you look at it and what the light conditions are too.