As you can see from the photos I make these cutlery birds in many positions. They are made from cutlery, kitchen utensils, ladels, draining boards and a wine bottle holder in the case of these ones. 

I have been drawing birds that feed on my bird feeder and also visit my garden. Frequent visitors including: chaffinch, robin, blackbird, sparrow, hedge-sparrow, bluetit, coaltit, siskin, nuthatch, lesser-spotted woodpecker, goldfinch, bullfinch, jay, magpie, jackdoor, crow and rook. I have also begun visiting the Erme Estury in search of more inspiration. Hopefully you will see a likeness of these birds come through in the sculptures.

Dimensions: aprox. 19cmx9cmx9cm
Price: £125
Type: Indoor
Dimensions: aprox. 17cmx11cmx14cm
Price: £140
Type: Indoor